Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL), now known as TransUnion CIBIL, is the leading credit information company in the country. CIBIL Score plays a critical role for individuals in getting any type of loan from banks and financial institutions throughout the country and CIBIL Rank helps companies get credits from such institutions. The bureau procures data from credit institutions and assigns CIBIL Score or CIBIL Rank. Since it maintains and manages the largest collection of consumer credit information, sometimes disputes and grievances may arise. But a CIBIL Consumer can contact the CIBIL Grievance Redressal Cell and get the issue resolved at the earliest.

If any information on your credit report or CCR is incorrect, you can fill out the CIBIL online dispute form available on their website and get it corrected.

CIBIL Consumer Grievance Redressal Policy

CIBIL is committed towards providing the best services to its customers and hence it goes the extra mile in ensuring that their grievances are also resolved within a reasonable time frame. There are five important things that CIBIL intends to achieve through its grievance redressal policy:

  • Timely resolution of customer grievances in the most efficient manner
  • Strengthening consumer confidence by providing an effective resolution of their problem
  • Gaining high level of customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing the quality of service delivery
  • Learning and implementing processes that are more customer friendly

Types of CIBIL Grievances?

Since there is enormous data available with the company, CIBIL has categorized grievances into four types- Query, Complaint, Feedback and Request.

  • Query: When a person is seeking information related to any of their products, it is known as a query.
  • Complaint:When someone has already availed of a product or service and is not satisfied with the same, it is known as a complaint.
  • Feedback: As the name suggests, when a person is interested in communicating something that would help CIBIL improve its products or services, it is known as feedback.
  • Request: When someone wants to initiate a CIBIL Report Correction process, it is known as a request.

How to Seek Resolution?

An aggrieved CIBIL customer can resort to any of the below mentioned channels to contact CIBIL customer support:

1- CIBIL Website

One can visit the ‘Contact Us’ section on the official website of CIBIL and fill out the Dispute Form. Direct link to the same is given here-

2- CIBIL Customer Care Number

CIBIL Grievances can be communicated to the company by calling on their consumer helpline number- +91-22-6140 4300. This number can be reached from Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can also fax them at +91-22-6638 4666.

3-CIBIL Office Address

One can also write a letter addressed at CIBIL Registered Office Address-

TransUnion CIBIL Limited

One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2A, 19th Floor,

Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road,

Mumbai – 400013

4- CIBIL Email ID

An E-mail can also be written to CIBIL addressed at- Make sure that you mention your identification and complaint in detail.

5- Walk-in at CIBIL Office

A customer can also visit the registered office of CIBIL and meet a consumer service officer to lodge his complaint/query in person.

CIBIL Grievance Redressal Timelines

  • For complaints lodged through email, an acknowledgement will be sent to the customer within the next business day.
  • If any other channel is used, acknowledgement can be expected within 3 working days.
  • For complaints/queries related to CIBIL Dispute Resolution such as rectification of credit information etc. will be resolved within 15 days of submission. CIBIL is not responsible for delay if a response is awaited from a bank/financial institution.
  • All other complaints will be resolved within 7 business days.

Guidelines for CIBIL Grievance Redressal

Once the customer has lodged his complaint with CIBIL, he should keep the following things in mind-

  • Customers are served on a ‘First in First out’ basis and all complaints are entered into the CRM system of CIBIL.
  • A unique ‘Service Request Number’ is assigned to every complaint lodged in the CRM.
  • Once the complaint is entered into the CRM, CIBIL Consumer Services Team will communicate the same to the customer along with the Service Request Number.
  • The team will study the complaint and find a satisfactory resolution within the stipulated time frame. CIBIL may also call the person in case any initial clarification is required on the matter.
  • If it is a CIBIL Dispute Resolution case and can be rectified on their own, the same will be done. The response will be sent to the customer, preferably via email.
  • Based on the nature of the problem and the action taken, Root Cause Analysis will be conducted by CIBIL so that the processes can be improved and such disputes don’t come up in the future.
  • MIS complaints along with analysis findings would be shared with the Consumer Protection Committee (CPC) of CIBIL’s Board.
  • In case the consumer wants to escalate the matter to the next levels, a specialized team of the Consumer Services Department will be assigned for the same.

Quick Tip: What all in your CIBIL report must not lead to disputes?

  • Incorrect dates
  • Enquiry dates
  • Control number
  • Account number unless there is an ownership dispute
  • Member name unless there is an ownership issue