When you go through the CIBIL Credit Information Report (CIR), you may find some errors. Such errors can be in your personal information such as name, contact information, date of birth, bank account information, or government-issued identification number. Alternatively, errors could be in other bank-related information such as outstanding balance, date of loan account opening, or presence of an invalid credit transaction.

What should you do to correct such errors in your report? You simply need to raise an online request to resolve your cibil dispute. And, for that, you need to login to the CIBIL account and follow a few simple and easy steps to raise a request related to an individual or company dispute. Any dispute raised with CIBIL may take up to a month (30 days) to get resolved. As soon as your report is rectified, you will receive an SMS informing you of the same. 

Types of CIBIL Disputes

CIBIL disputes are broadly classified into two types.

Company Disputes

  • Company or Account Details: Various details pertaining to a company like a name, address, etc.can be disputed. Company PAN and account details like credit type, sanction amount are certain examples of account details.
  • Ownership: Ownership disputes may arise if the company account mentioned is not actually on your name.
  • Duplicate Account: In your credit report, if the same account is being repeated over and over then you might wish you raise a dispute and get it rectified.
  • Fields which can be incorrect: Here are the company details which can be disputed-
  • Company Name
  • Legal Constitution
  • CityState
  • PIN Code
  • Company’s Registered Address
  • Company’s Branch Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • PAN (Company)
  • Promoter/ Director/ Proprietor/ Partner Name
  • Relationship

Individual Disputes

Personal Details: This includes the name of the customer, address details etc. 

Duplicate Account: Your account may be present twice and hence a duplicate dispute may arise which can be rectified by raising a dispute request with CIBIL.

Note: Some details for which a dispute cannot be raised are listed below.

  • Control Number
  • Member Name (Unless it is an Ownership Dispute)
  • Account Number (Unless it is an Ownership Dispute)
  • Date Reported
  • Enquiry Date

How to Raise a Dispute Online with CIBIL

Step 1: Log in to myCIBIL with your credentials. If you have accessed the report via a vendor, you must register yourself with CIBIL and log in to your account.

CIBIL Dispute 1

Step 2: Under ‘Credit Reports’ section, navigate to ‘Dispute Center’ and click on the ‘Dispute an Item’ option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the ‘Online Dispute Form’. Fill up the details in the form.

CIBIL Dispute 2


Step 4: Under ‘Identification #’, select the identification document that needs to be corrected and correct the corresponding number at the bottom of the form.

Step 5: Click on the ‘+’ symbol to correct information related to multiple documents.

Step 6: After disputing all the mistakes, you can click on ‘Submit’.

CIBIL Dispute Resolution Process

Once the dispute is raised by users by filling out the online dispute resolution form, the process starts. The following steps are taken by CIBIL:

Step 1: Dispute is submitted, either through an online channel or through a letter.

Step 2: Dispute fields are marked in the relevant section with the tag ‘Under Dispute’.

Step 3: Based on the type of dispute, it is sent to the concerned credit institution for rectification.

Step 4: If the lender rejects the dispute, the request is cancelled and no changes are made in the CIBIL Report or Company Credit Report (CCR).

Step 5: If the disputes are accepted by the lender, changes will be made in the CIBIL Report or CCR.

Step 6: The ‘Under Dispute’ tag created in Step 1 is removed and a new report is furnished to the user.

Note: The total turnaround time for this process is 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Can I raise a CIBIL dispute offline?

A.Yes, it is possible to raise a dispute by writing a letter to CIBIL addressed to its registered office in Mumbai. Make sure that you enter all important details such as the report order number, transaction ID, etc. CIBIL registered office address is-

TransUnion CIBIL Limited,

One Indiabulls Centre,

Tower 2A, 19th Floor,

Senapati Bapat Marg,

Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400 013

Q.How long does it take for CIBIL to resolve a dispute?

A.The turnaround time for a CIBIL dispute resolution is 30 days.

Q.What if I am not satisfied with the resolution of my dispute?

A.In case you are not satisfied with the resolution, a new dispute resolution request can be raised along with the details of the previous request.

Q.After the dispute resolution, how long does it take for CIBIL to furnish my new CIBIL report?

A.It usually takes up to 7 days to incorporate changes in your CIBIL Report.

Q.How to check CIBIL dispute status?

A.If you already have access to myCIBIL, you can check the status by logging into it and going to the ‘Dispute Status’ section. However, if you do not have the access, CIBIL sends you email notifications regarding the status of your dispute. A myCIBIL account is also created and the login details are mailed to you so that you can check the status of your dispute regularly.

When you successfully raise a Company Dispute, a unique ID for the dispute will be generated which can be used to track CIBIL dispute status. You can call CIBIL helpline for the same. The consumer helpline number is +91-22-6638-4600.

Q.How will I know that my dispute has been resolved?

A.An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number stating that the dispute has been resolved.

Q.I have already closed a loan account but it is still reflected in my CIBIL report. Should it concern me?

A.Yes. You must confirm the same with your credit institution. CIBIL is not authorised to make changes in the credit report unless relevant details are furnished by the lender.

Q.Can I raise several disputes for the same report at a time?

A.No. This facility is not yet provided by CIBIL. You can only rectify one field at a time. If you are disputing an ownership issue, you cannot raise a data inaccuracy issue along with it.

Q.Why do certain sections of my CIBIL report have red bands?

A.CIBIL uses the ‘red bands’ to mark the disputed section. Once the issue is resolved, the red band will disappear.