New Year & Travel go hand-in-hand. People usually make various travel plans to celebrate the New Year’s Eve but many times due to cash crunch they postpone or cancel their New Year plans. However, with the easy availability of Travel Loans, money is no longer a barrier when it comes to enjoying New Year celebrations. 

How Travel Loan Can Make Your New Year Happy?

  • Loan Amount of up to Rs. 20 lakhs: No matter where you want to travel, all your travelling expenses can easily be covered with a hefty loan amount.
  • No Collateral/Security: A borrower doesn’t need to provide any security as a lender won’t ask for it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about applying for loan to plan your journey.  
  • Lowest Interest Rates: No more worries about high interest rates as a travel loan comes with attractive interest rates so that you only think about your travel . 
  • Affordable EMIs: Availing a travel loan is going to be easy on your pocket. Yes, with competitive rates, your EMI burden will also be reduced by flexible repayment tenure options to choose from. 
  • Easy to Apply Online: You simply need to send a quote after giving your few credentials such as Name, Age, Income, Mobile Number, Required Loan Amount , etc. It is that easy. 
  • Fastest Approval: Soon after receiving your application, you would be able to get the fastest approval if your eligibility matches with the set criteria of a lender. How wonderful, isn’t it? 
  • Instant Disbursal: A loan can be disbursed within 24-48 hours as long you provide the required documents for eKYC and credit assessment. Therefore, no need to keep your travel plans waiting for the last moment. Alternatively, if you apply offline,one can expect to get the money within 2-5 working days.  
  • Minimal Documentation: With just a few KYC documents such as PAN, Aadhar and Credit bureau check, your travel loan will be approved . Submit the required documents and you are done. 

How to Apply for a Travel Loan?

The best way is to apply online for travel loan for instant approval and fast disbursal. You can reach out to banks, NBFCs and Fintech companies like Quikkloan to apply for this loan online. Being a digital marketplace, it eases the loan process by connecting the right borrower with the right bank or NBFC, thus reducing the chances of loan rejection and further keeping your credit score in a good state. 

Want to know how? Read below…

How Availing a Travel Loan Will Keep your Credit Score Healthy?

Quikkloan has simplified yet robust technology which ensures that every loan seeker will reach out to its perfect lender, without wasting his own time on searching. 

Soon after receiving the loan application or query, the real process starts by analyzing the profile of an applicant,directing him/her towards the ideal lender-match, based on the eligibility. Well, this perfect match-making of a customer (loan seeker) and lender minimizes the chances of loan rejection as a borrower will not send multiple loan queries to different lenders once he/she gets the approval from one, according to the eligibility. 

Sending multiple loan queries to different lenders leads you towards credit damage.

Thus, it is important to know your eligibility first and then apply for a travel loan. And, this can only be done, if someone does the proper credit assessment of an applicant’s loan application. Quikkloan helps customers to save time , build credit profile and reduces the chances of loan rejection possibilities. 

Credit Card vs Travel Loan-Which One is Better?

Who would want to finance travel by using a credit card at an interest rate ranging between 24%-36%? Well, no one, right? This is where a travel loan is considered to be a better option to fund your journey. A travel loan not only comes at a lower interest rate but perks like-minimum fee, flexibility in repayment options(up to 5 years) definitely make travel loan worthy. 

Moreover, if you use your credit card in any foreign location, there are some additional hefty charges like international transaction fee charges that you need to bear, hence more burden on your pocket. Whereas, in the case of travel loan, you can use the money freely without worrying about the additional charges. 

Eligibility to Apply for Travel Loan

Both Salaried and self-employed individuals are eligible to apply for a travel loan. 

Travel Loan Eligibility for Salaried Individuals

Age: 21-58 Years

Income: Rs.20,000 (net monthly salary)

Work Experience: Minimum 1 Year

Travel Loan Eligibility for Self-employed Individuals

Age: 24-65 Years

Profit After Tax: Rs.1-2 lakh (As per Latest ITR)

Years in Business: Minimum 3 Years 

Hope, you have enough reasons to apply for travel loan online at Quikkloan and  say yes to your New Year travel plans.     

Here’s a Quick Tip:

With winters already making their presence felt, exploring the Northern Regions of India would be a great idea. 

Places like Shimla, Auli, Manali, Nainital are decorated with snow, thus giving a perfect New Year vibe. 

If, going abroad is on your mind, Finland, Vatican City, London, Iceland, New Zealand, Austria would make a perfect New Year destination.

Happy Journey!

          HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 !!!