Are you looking to apply for the personal loan for travel? Are you about to visit the best lenders for the personal loan? If ‘Yes’, then you must know the top international destinations that you can visit with a short term personal loan of one lakh only. Quikkloan, one of the best personal finance providers, offers instant personal loan in Delhi for the same.


The ‘land of thunderbolts’ welcomes you to a place full of natural grandeur. You can go on wildlife tours, religious trails, nature trails and adventure journeys by consulting instant and best personal loan providers. Since flights to Bhutan are scarce, road trips are most recommended options. Within one lakh borrowed from best lenders of personal loans, you can explore the mesmeric nation.


Instant and best personal loan providers in Delhi, like Quikkloan, make it possible for you to enjoy sightseeing and recreational walks at Cambodia for a week. Beauty of Angkor Wat, Koh Ker and Bayon Temple will simply astound you.


Planning a trip to Dubai 6 months in advance can help you travel the place within INR 1,00,000/-. Desert safaris, water sports, adventure journeys and luxury tours can be well financed by the best lenders of personal loans. Don’t forget, Quikkloan offers instant personal loan in Delhi for travel.

Hong Kong

A week’s tour to Hong Kong can be covered within INR 1 lakh. Local shopping, sightseeing and wildlife tours can be made possible if you apply for personal loan for travel. The various attractions of Hong Kong will make the loan worthwhile.


Welcome to the abode of meditation retreats, spa treatments and natural healing. Indonesia can entertain the traveler inside you for just less than INR 1 lakh. The serene beauty of Indonesia will simply spellbind you. Apply for personal loan for travel if you want to unwind in nature’s lap.


Flights to Malaysia can cost upto INR 25,000/- and accommodation may take another INR 18000/- at most. Various tourist retreats like Sarawak, Lubuan, Kuala Lumpur etc. will give the best moments of your life. The instant and easy loan providers like Quikkloan ca help you make this possible.


Flights to Mauritius can cost upto INR 50,000/- and accommodation can take another INR 20,000/-. The paradise on the Earth can be explored for less than INR 1 lakh and is truly one of the best investment destinations for travel.


Beach lovers will love this place. You can enjoy swimming, cruise and water sports by shelling out quite less money. Even accommodation and travel are quite cheap, if bookings are done 6 months in advance. Mahe Island, Baie Lazare and Anse Louis are must visit spots.


Thailand will offer you the most exotic experiences. Farm food, countryside and shopping are delights for travelers. Flights are available for INR 15,000/- and accommodation for INR 8,000/-.

No wonder, the traveler inside you is yearning to explore these countries. So, pack your bags, apply for personal loan for travel and fly away!